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Injections For Back Pain Chandler

Injections For Back Pain Chandler It may surprise you to learn that back pain is the number one reason why patients visit their doctors. Back pain can be extremely painful and it can be quite difficult to find relief, depending on where the pain is stemming from. Triad Pain Management Clinic uses a variety of injections for back pain in their Chandler facility to treat both acute and chronic back pain.

At the Triad Clinic, their multi-disciplinary team uses a comprehensive approach to finding solutions to your pain. If you’ve sought treatment at another facility but did not experience the pain relief you were seeking, consider the Triad Clinic. Their staff believes in a standard of practice that is based on solid diagnosis, factual research into treatment options and medical necessity. Their team is committed to finding out where your pain is stemming from, through accurate diagnosis, followed by restoration of health and function.

When you come in to Triad Pain Management Clinic, you’ll be thoroughly evaluated and examined to find the cause of your pain, with a variety of tools to choose from. Triad Clinic will determine the least invasive treatment option available to you to get pain under control. When pain cannot be managed through Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy or through functional rehabilitation, injections for back pain in the Chandler facility may be recommended.

Triad Clinic provides a wide range of intervention injection types for pain control, including the following:

- Epidural steroid for treatment of lower back pain, distributes steroids to treat both inflammation and pain that does not respond to other treatments. This is one of the most popular injections for back pain in the Chandler Clinic.

- Trigger point injections to treat extremely painful areas of muscles.

- Facet Joint Injections for spinal joints that may have lost cartilage and are pinching nerves or creating painful issues.

- Sacroiliac injections, which are able to reduce and often even eliminate the pain caused by Arthritis. During particularly painful episodes, a patient is able to obtain relief for several hours from this type of injection. Sacroiliac injections offer a second benefit, which is that successful pain relief can help a physician confirm diagnosis of Arthritis, pinpointing a particular joint in question.

- Medial branch blocks that temporarily disrupt the pain signal from a particular facet joint to the brain, providing a significant amount of pain relief for the patient.

- Peripheral nerve block that uses an anesthetic near a nerve or bundle of nerves to temporarily numb the entire area.

- Intra-articular injection that decreases both inflammation and pain in an affected joint, typically one affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Gout, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or Osteoarthritis.

- Steroid injections to treat inflammation, typically one of the injections used for treating lower back pain in the Chandler facility.

Triad Pain Management Clinic is successfully providing optimal healthcare for the treatment of both chronic pain conditions and recent onset of pain due to post-surgical, work, auto and sport-related injuries.

Feel free to schedule an appointment at Triad Clinic by calling 480-413-0586 or go online to to learn more about the services provided by the most professional pain treatment center in Chandler. Injections For Back Pain Chandler
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