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Knee Pain Relief Chandler

Knee Pain Relief Chandler Are you looking for knee pain relief in the Chandler area? Consider making an appointment at Triad Pain Management Clinic by calling 480-413-0586. Their specialists are able to provide an expert diagnosis for your condition to determine the root cause of your pain and to provide a treatment option that will deliver the results you have in mind.

The knee is a complex system of joints made up of 4 bones and supporting muscles that are all connected through an intricate combination of ligaments and cartilage. Knee pain can be caused by injury to the immediate area, from mechanical issues, from arthritis or from other unrelated conditions. Take a closer look at what may be causing your knee pain:

- From injury to ligaments, tendons or the fluid-filled sacs surrounding your joints and bones. Injury can come from tearing of the ligaments, fractures to the bones, cartilage tears, inflammation of the sacs, or bursae, or inflammation of the tendons, to name only a few.

- From mechanical issues, such as degeneration of or injury to the bone or cartilage, from a dislocated kneecap that has been caused to move out of place, or from an unrelated injury that causes you to alter your gait in such a way that your knees are under more stress than they are used to.

- From one of the numerous types of arthritis that exist, including the most common forms: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Septic Arthritis and other forms.

- From other causes that can include athletics.

You can experience knee pain relief by calling Chandler area’s Triad Pain Management Clinic to schedule an evaluation with their specialists. While not all knee pain is serious, if you’ve been experiencing chronic or acute pain, it’s probably time to have a professional correctly diagnose your condition and provide you with options for therapy, pain management and recovery.

Numerous conditions can contribute to knee pain, even conditions that have nothing to do with the knees. Knee pain can severely restrict the level of activity the patient is able to experience, making it absolutely essential to procure a prompt and accurate diagnosis of the problem so that treatment can be implemented.

Your evaluation at Triad Pain Management Clinic will start with a thorough exam to provide their staff with the cause of your pain. Your evaluation will involve a complete medical history, a review of your medical records and on-site diagnostic testing to determine the origin of your pain. With proper treatment that is personalized and unique to your condition, you’ll have the best chances of achieving recovery.

Triad Pain Management Clinic’s physical medicine and rehabilitation department consists of an interdisciplinary team that work together for the optimal care of each patient using state-of-the-art techniques and protocols. Their professionals provide one-on-one rehab including: post-surgical therapy, orthopedic, neck/back pain therapy, geriatric therapy, pain management, neurological rehab, balance and vestibular therapy and sport medicine therapy.

For more information on getting the knee pain relief you deserve, call Chandler area’s number one pain management clinic at 480-413-0586. Triad Clinic is there when you need answers to your pain questions. Knee Pain Relief Chandler
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