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Live Free Recovery Services is the number one New Hampshire rehabilitation center. This is a title we have earned through the unrivaled expertise of our staff, our second-to-none facilities, and our unsurpassed treatment methods. Yet even with our internationally-renowned rehabilitation clinic at their fingertips, many New Hampshire residents are reluctant to reach out to us when they are struggling with Substance Abuse Disorder. This is completely understandable. As our founder and CEO, Ryan Gagne, knows all too well, the first step on the path to recovery is often the most difficult. That's why he asked us to prepare this article. Below, we're going to be discussing everything you need to know about pursuing addiction recovery in NH and how Live Free Recovery Services can help you achieve lifelong sobriety.

Settling On A Treatment Program

When researching rehab in NH, you should give some thought to your preferred type of treatment. Some rehab centers in NH provide inpatient care exclusively. On the other hand, there are some centers which deal solely in outpatient treatments. At Live Free Recovery Services, we provide both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation in New Hampshire. We generally suggest the former to those who must fulfill personal and/or professional commitments during their recovery, and the latter to clients who are particularly struggling or want the fastest possible path to sobriety.

Embracing Treatment

Beginning a rehabilitation program and completing a rehabilitation program are two very different things. In order to achieve lasting sobriety, a patient must embrace their treatment. That's why the addiction specialists at Live Free Recovery Services take the time to meet with each patient individually and create a treatment plan that is exclusive to them. Our customized treatment packages are based upon our patients' aspirations and play into their strengths rather than highlighting their weaknesses. This empowers each resident and motivates them to remain committed throughout the recovery process.


Many providers of rehabilitation services in New Hampshire help their patients achieve sobriety, but do little to help them maintain it. Tragically, this often results in their clients falling back into the clutches of addiction shortly after returning to everyday life. At Live Free Recovery Services, however, we understand the importance of providing our clients with continued support even after they have left our care. That's why we provide graduates of both our inpatient and outpatient programs with a comprehensive aftercare package.

Our aftercare program grants graduates ongoing access to regular therapy sessions and other forms of treatment they enjoyed while enrolled in our recovery services. Our aftercare program even includes optional job placement, affording our former patients an opportunity to secure employment and rebuild their lives free from Substance Abuse Disorder. As you can see, our aftercare program is undoubtedly the most comprehensive of any provider of addiction recovery in NH.

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If you are ready to overcome the challenges of Substance Abuse Disorder, contact Live Free Recovery Services today at 877-932-6757. Our addiction specialists will be happy to discuss your options with you and help you settle on the program that is best for you.

Recovery Nh
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Recovery Nh
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