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Shoulder Pain Treatment Escondido

Shoulder Pain Treatment Escondido

Your shoulders are the most moveable joints in your body. The shoulder comprises three bones: collarbone, shoulder blade, and humerus in the upper arm. With the help of tendons, muscles, and ligaments, your shoulder is able to remain in place. Since your shoulder is quite flexible, it's very susceptible to injury. Some of the main reasons for shoulder pain are bone fractures, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, separated shoulder, and frozen shoulder. Basically, overhead movement that is excessive or repetitive can result in problems with your shoulder.

At Moncado Chiropractic, we provide top-of-the-line shoulder pain treatment in Escondido. When you come to us, our chiropractor will first assess your shoulder to make a correct diagnosis. Dr. Moncado will then tailor a care plan that will help reverse your shoulder pain problems.

Why Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain?

With time, a lot of people get used to the symptoms of their injury until they do not realize they have a problem. But you can tell if you have a shoulder injury with the following symptoms:

  • Popping sensation
  • Weakness in the arm
  • Stiffness
  • Persistent shoulder pain
  • Restricted range of motion

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain in Escondido, here’s how chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain can help:

  • Enhancing Your Flexibility and Range of Motion

Escondido CA shoulder pain can interfere with your range of motion and impair flexibility. But chiropractic care can address this problem, allowing you to complete everyday tasks with ease. Whether your chiropractor uses hydromassage or hand massage, your shoulder muscles will be soothed and loosened with this treatment. This aids with stiff and tight shoulders and improves your range of motion.

  • Minimizing Inflammation

Shoulder problems can result in inflammation that can lead to other health issues like increased cortisol levels and elevated risk of cancer. If your shoulder pain is originating from poor posture, your chiropractor for shoulder pain in Escondido can use different techniques such as showing you how to correct your posture and preventing your shoulders from rolling forward. Even a single treatment may be enough for you to experience a great reduction in your inflammation levels.

  • Lessening the Pain and Discomfort

Shoulder issues cause so much pain. The pain can lead to a host of secondary problems, including chronic stress and insomnia. A chiropractor can assist in minimizing the discomfort and pain, significantly improving your quality of life.

Using the adjustment technique, your shoulder pain doctor in Escondido can gently manipulate your shoulder backward or forward as required. Further, the chiropractor can adjust your upper back and neck. This treatment is successful in reducing muscle spasms and pain. Compression is another technique that can be used to rehabilitate an injured shoulder and provide pain relief.

Dr. Moncado Can Help with Your Shoulder Pain

The best shoulder pain treatment in Escondido will depend on the cause of your pain. Fortunately, chiropractic services have been shown to be highly effective for a majority of shoulder conditions. When you come to us, Dr. Moncado will first begin with a thorough evaluation to determine what is triggering your shoulder pain before creating a tailored care plan to help alleviate your pain. $37 special: get an exam and expert consultation:

Shoulder Pain Treatment Escondido
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Shoulder Pain Treatment Escondido
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