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Slipped Disc Chandler

Slipped Disc Chandler Are you looking for pain relief from a slipped disc in the Chandler area? Trust Triad Pain Management Clinic to accurately diagnose your herniated disc and help you determine the best course of action for treatment. Pain relief is possible through correct diagnosis and the right treatment plan.

If you’re scheduled to have surgery for your herniated disc, Triad Clinic highly recommends that you come in to their clinic for a thorough evaluation before you agree to back surgery. All too often, patients undergo expensive and painful back surgery only to find they are in no less pain than they were in before the procedure. Find out what type of alternative treatments are available before you commit to surgery.

Patients who are dealing with slipped disc pain are often willing to try anything available in order to achieve pain relief. Living with chronic pain can sometimes create a condition when the wrong choices are made in an effort to eliminate pain. Considering a large percent of back surgery is not considered successful or effective where the patient is concerned, it’s essential that you thoroughly explore your options before deciding on a direction.

Triad Pain Management Clinic focuses on a complete spectrum of managing pain, combining the best of what the following specialties has to offer:

- Chiropractic Care
- Primary Care
- Orthopedics
- Physical Medicine
- Rehabilitation
- Pain Management
- Neurology
- Physical Therapy
- Massage Therapy
- Anesthesiology

Through a commitment to staying current and knowledgeable on the latest technological advancements and research, the experts from Triad Clinic are able to offer successful clinical outcomes to their patients. It starts with a correct diagnosis of your condition, which is absolutely crucial to Triad’s professionals being able to create the right treatment plan. They offer a wide range of options to treat slipped disc pain in their Chandler location, including a range of injections that include Epidural Steroid, Facet Joint Injections, Medial Branch Blocks, and more.

Through professionally-implemented Discography, the experts from Triad Pain Management Clinic will be able to determine if your back pain is caused by tears or damage to one or more of your spinal discs. In extreme cases where your pain is not able to be managed by any of the treatments offered at Triad Clinic, the removal of your herniated disc material through Discectomy may be advised. Before Triad’s specialists recommend surgery, they will do everything possible to treat your pain and condition through a non-invasive method.

You may be experiencing the effects of a slipped disc if you are having leg pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, nerve pain in the leg that is cutting, sharp or otherwise very painful, have pain in the lower back, buttocks, thigh, calf, foot or toes on one side of the body, or are experiencing tingling or weakness in a lower extremity.

Call the slipped disc experts in Chandler at Triad Pain Management Clinic today, at 480-413-0586 to schedule a thorough evaluation that will lead to an effective treatment plan. Don’t wait another day to make the call. You can experience freedom from pain at Triad Clinic. Slipped Disc Chandler
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