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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers California

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers California

Substance abuse is one of the very common issues people struggle with within today's age. Substance abuse can not only detrimentally affect a person before treatment but can often make a person relapse if the addiction problem is not treated properly. If you are looking for the best alcohol and drug rehab in orange county, look no further as our Rehab Campus is one of the top rehab centers in California. We treat all kinds of problems that come with substance abuse and try our best to understand our patients' needs and give them the best treatment that we possibly can.

We at California Rehab Campus understand well enough how addiction treatment works and are here to assist you to the best of our ability as we are aware just how hard it can be to watch someone you love go down that road and therefore we are the leading California alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers. We also believe that it is extremely essential for patients struggling with substance abuse to have a safe environment and living space to alter their ways and therefore offer need-based residential treatment programs ranging from 30 to 60 to 90 or even to 120 days. Most programs concerned with drug rehab only last 30 days but that is precisely what makes us the ideal California drug rehab and addiction centers as we accustom our programs to our patients' needs. For our residential programs, we have a top-notch private facility that acquires all the necessary amenities that go hand in hand with our science-based treatments to provide our customers with the best care that they truly deserve.

Alongside this, we also realize that substance abuse often comes with co-occurring psychological disorders and therefore also offers our specialized dual-diagnosis treatment. It is difficult enough to struggle with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD alone but when it is coupled with substance abuse, it becomes far worse. Therefore, patients dealing with dual diagnoses must receive special treatment for both issues because if they only receive medical attention for one or the other, they are more likely to relapse. Patients struggling with substance abuse are often subject to mental disorders as alcohol causes chemical imbalances and alters brain functions in people and people who struggle with mental illnesses often seek self-medication and use of alcohol and drugs which only help them temporarily but eventually worsen their condition even further.

Dual diagnosis can be treated using different behavioral therapies that we at California Rehab Campus offer making us the best California drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs in the vicinity. Our behavioral programs help patients socialize and also to keep them away from harmful beliefs and thoughts. We believe in providing with them rewards and incentives for good behavior to further encourage them to stay on the right path with a lot of the treatments depending on their personal needs and tailored to them specifically. Alongside this, our quality treatments include our residential programs which further include mindful meditation, fitness-related activities, nutrition therapy all of which take them one step closer to sobriety and eventually a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a good rehab center for any of your loved ones, definitely consider California Rehab Campus and you will not be disappointed. For further details, contact details of our facility are provided below.

Contact: 949-239-7557

Address: California Rehab Campus 33861, Granada Dr. Dana Point, CA 92629

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers California
California Rehab Campus - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
(888) 487-1874
Substance Abuse Treatment Centers California
33861 Granada Dr
Dana Point CA 92629

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